General Education Branding

Branding, Graphic Design
General Education Branding

The General Education program at UH Mānoa promotes an educational foundation for the undergraduate experience. Through this program, students gain the skills and knowledge necessary for growth in their major. The General Education program wanted to repair their image by improving the publicʻs perception, while also communicating the value of the General Education program.

This identity focuses on the learning process, intellectual growth, and an individual’s ability to adapt to various educational experiences. The concept is comprised of four main symbols. First is the ‘ākia plant, known for it’s stamina, the ‘ākia plant can thrive in and adapt to almost every Hawaiian environment. It is also an integral source of fiber for rope weaving and lei making. The “tear drop” shape at the bottom of the identity was inspired by the shape of the ‘ākia leaves. The second motif is Mānoa Valley. It is the location of The University of Hawai‘i’s flagship campus, known for its verdant, mountainous environment. Mountains are also a universal symbol of mindfulness and consciousness. The first three shapes in the identity represent the landscape of Mānoa Valley. The four shapes that make up the identity are representative of growth within the learning process. The corners of each shape become increasingly rounder, symbolizing students becoming more well-rounded throughout their educational experience. The logoʻs color scheme creates a final symbol. The colors in the identity transition from light green to dark green, signifying a student’s knowledge becoming more intense as they become more well-rounded through the General Education program.